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Vinko Miskovski comes from a family with a long and successful musical tradition. Driven by music he was searching for the perfection in the aesthetics of sound over the last three decades. His formal education gave him the title B.Sci. of electrical engineering in order to get scientific knowledge of sound itself and continual keeping up withnews in the world of music tools and instruments,
gave him extensive experience which helps him to solve any task that requires adequate solution.

During his life he has progressed through all phases as a musician which has made him capable to understand and play almost every genre simply because he has had similar experience such as rehearsing with a garage band , composing his own songs, arranging othersí songs, composing soundtracks for theatrical and TV/Radio performances, participating in festivals and working with many people with a sincere desire to help them in their ideas to produce a musical masterpiece.

His musical education ranges from classical music to jazz, blues, sympho-rock, or even all styles of rock music. He has also a great deal of experience in composing pop and rock music which allows him to compose and play modern trends such as chill out, electronica, pop jazz etc.
Even today he hasnít lost his enthusiasm for playing, composing and arranging music like he had when he was a young boy because he believes with his heart that what he is doing is driven by music.
Vinko Miskovski
A-6130 Schwaz
+43 6767143533 (Also Viber & WhatsApp)
email: vinkomk @ yahoo.com


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