How it Works

You can send me an MP3 mix. For example it can be a mix of piano,keyboard or guitar and Vocal.

It is importantthat that I have the harmonies and vocal line.
The quality of the demo is not essential and it doesn't have to be studio qualitity.

If you have a lead-sheet, please enclose it with the demo. This is not an obligatory step,
but very useful. I don't need project files (there are various programs).

All I need is a simple MP3 mix.

After receiving the previous agreed upon amount of money (PayPal, bank transfer, Master Card, etc.)
I will start working on your arrangement(s).

If you you would like to have a change made on the final arrangement, the first change is FREE.

Every followingchange costs an additional amount of money (€30,00).
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The price depends on several factors:

1. Basic (for example: on your demo, consisting of vocals and guitar, or another harmonic instrument, I make a 3-line arrangement consisting of drums, bass guitars and a background, which may be a synthesizer or cord drop.
  1. Medium (contains everything as basic, plus multiple lines, percussions, passages, and instruments)
3. Complete (contains everything like the Medium Package plus more guitars: acoustic, electric, choirs, solo sections, set of orchestras, effects etc.)

1. Simple 2. Medium 3. Demanding

If you need a single line, track, you can also order it.
For example, if you have a song and everything is made and you just need piano, or Hammond organ or a synth pad, or full strings, squartet onlydums only, or percussions. I can cater to any instrument you would like to have in your song!
In this case, of possible, please send me the tempo along with the demo.

Important – Please read this! :

If you would like your song to sound like an existing song, please let me know. –It would be even better, if you could give me one or two examples to work from.
If not, please give me some directions on the character and style you would like to have in the arrangement, like:
„ I would like to have a)pop, b)rock,.....z) style arrangement, ..should sound a) happy b) sentimental c) orchestral.................z) minimalistic, I personally hear ..... music style and like to hear groups as: .... and interprets as: ....“