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Audio demos

Audio demo's
01 You ask me why?
02 Eastern dance
03 Dubbing and stepping
04 Minimum Hop
4. R'n'B/Hip-Hop/Dance
1. Caipirinha on the beach
2. Faster Mr.Postman!
3. Robbie Robot dance
2. Chill-Out/Lounge/Electronic
01 Rock is hard
02 Where are you?
03 Run as fast as possible
04 Simple and fine
1. Fly over Amazone forrest
2. Ancient warriors
3. Sounds from Rakoon City
4. Dramatic moments
01 Introspective
02 The rising sun
03 The touch of Mother Nature
3. Piano Textures
1 Orchestral/Film/Documentary
5. The flying carpet
4. Old hidden Palace
5. Epic Year 2150

5. Pop/Rock
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Here are some samples of various styles so you can see how your song could sound...
Of course, this is just a small sampling. In addition to these styles, songs can be arranged in many other styles,
such as country music, soul, rock acoustic, contemporary funk or some form of actual hits.
It is also possible to order a single track with a particular instrument
(e.g. piano, organ, synthesizer,a nice layer of strings, drums or a rich synth pad or solo).

Maybe you need sound effects and a big range of natural or synthesized sounds and atmospheres are available here.
Very often an arrangement decides whether a song will be successful or not..